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"Everybody talks about the weather, but nobody does anything about it."

The above quote is attributed to Mark Twain and reflects, even today, mankind's desire to control everything about us. The first order of business in controlling something is understanding it. Understanding the weather depends on collecting as much data as possible; collecting the weather data from my own weather station is what this page is about.

My weather station is a Peet Bros. Company, Inc Ultimeter 2000 (now out of production and replaced by the Ultimeter 2100). Even though I had purchased it some time back I never got a "round tuit" until I installed it on January 25, 2005. The Ultimeter is a stand-alone weather station and will function well by itself keeping track of today's high and low values, yesterday's high and low values as well as long term values (since last reset).

Ultimeter 2000

While having the current conditions and some historical data at your fingertips is nice, others don't benefit until the data is shared. The Ultimeter 2000 has a serial port and mine is connected to my main Linux computer. A Perl script by N9OXE and KG9AE processes and records the data.

Beginning just before 5 PM on January 28, 2005, every fifteen minutes a summary of this data has been uploaded to The Weather Underground and appears on the Marysville, Kansas Forecast page. Since mid-March of 2005, the data has been updated once per minute via a cron job. Of interest to me is rewriting the Perl script take advantage of Weather Undergrounds "Rapid Fire" updates which would allow several updates per minute.

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